Marketing & Corporate Affairs

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Marketing and Corporate Affairs


Ithuba’s marketing department plays a central and vital role in promoting the business and mission of Ithuba in its role as the licensed operator of the National Lottery. The department is tasked, amongst others, with the following:

  • Serves as the face of Ithuba National Lottery, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business
  • Responsible for all outreach to customers, retailers and relevant stakeholders and create an overarching image that represents the company in a positive light, namely the brand as Ithuba the company and most importantly the National Lottery products
  • Defining and managing all brands. This starts with the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the company and its offering. And ends with the experience our customers and partners have when they interact with us
  • Campaign management of all internal and external marketing initiatives. The department proactively identifies the products and services to focus on over the course of a sales cycle, and then produces materials and communications around identified activities
  • Maintenance of all internal and external marketing channels and/or platforms. These include all websites, social media accounts; develop information packs the Call Centre such as FAQs, Results History, and Product Information
  • Research hub for the organization. Monitoring and conducting customer/market research. This helps define target markets and opportunities, while providing an understanding of our products and services
  • Media liaison. Monitoring and managing media outreach of the organization, its products and spokesperson

The marketing department delivers on the above through an integrated approach from its various units, namely:

  • Product Managers – central in developing and maintaining all game portfolio and product offering
  • Media Buying – identify relevant paid for media platforms and secure placement at value for money rates. This includes billboards, print and radio ads, digital and social media artwork etc.
  • PR and Communications - develop and create all media content, media database management, media briefings documents and media support
  • Design Studio - development of all artwork, CI management, design and layout of all internal creative solutions such as posters, brochures, banners, logo development etc. Responsible for creating all material required by Media Buying for paid for media placements
  • Social Media - overall social media platform management, working with Customer Service department in customer feedback initiatives
  • Event Management - responsible for event planning for marketing and corporate affairs. This includes stakeholder events, product launches and product immersions for customer and retailers
  • The Draw Team - core to National Lottery results management the Draw Team ensures all game draw are in compliance with rules and regulations.  The Draw Team works very close with auditors and IT in the management of the draw process, results confirmation, internal and external communications of the results. The Draw Team also plays a pivotal role in resolving disputes around all draws such as RNG system, historical results datacenter and the weekly draw shows

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs works in conjunction with the Marketing Department in providing support to all stakeholder engagement including the Zamani Group. The role of Corporate Affairs:

  • Develop and execute retail development programmes: this includes training and development of our retail partners
  • Deliver on all activation support briefs from the National Lotteries Commission that require rich content from the National Lottery
  • Provide marketing support for the Eric and Charmaine Scholarship Foundation. This includes internal and external communication on all Foundation initiatives
  • Provide support to Human Resources this includes internal communications initiatives for all employee engagement such as new product launches, upcoming activities, company updates and developments

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